Stafford Spring Birdshow

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Specialist Clubs & Societies attending our 2014 show included:
A1 Petline
The Birmingham based rescue centre.

Australian Finch Society

The Australian Finch Society caters for those who keep, breed and exhibit the native Australian Finches and the various Parrot Finches.

Avicultural Society 

The Avicultural Society is concerned with the keeping and breeding of all types of birds other than domesticated varieties. 

Blue Lizard Canary Club

 The Blue Lizard Canary Club of Great Britain was formed at the All Variety Canary Show on 9th January 2011.  

British Birds Online 

A free online bird club where bird keepers are encouraged to share knowledge, assist beginners and communicate with other bird keepers via the message board.

British Bird Council 

... founded in 1970. Essentially the Council exists to promote and further the hobby of keeping, breeding and exhibiting British birds in all its aspects, and to represent the Fancy at meetings with governmental agencies such as the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

British Birds In Aviculture 

British Birds in Aviculture is a dedicated bird keeping website for breeding and exhibiting of British hardbills and softbills, mules & hybrids, canaries and related species.

The British Border Fancy Canary Club

The British Border Fancy Canary Clubs objectives are the promotion and advancement of this variety of canary in its natural colour.

The Canary Colour Breeders Association
The C.C.B.A. continues to promote the breeding , keeping and exhibiting of all varieties of Colour Canaries , Lipochrome & Melanin , in all ground colours and feather type, in a sound ,ethical and healthy environment.

The Canary Colour Breeders Association Stafford Zone

The Cockatiel Federation
A speacialised birdkeepers group dedicated to the keeping, breeding and exhibition of cockatiels.
Feathered Flyer
A free online bird club where birdkeepers are encouranged to share knowledge, assist beginners and communicate with other birdkeepers via the message board.

Foreign Softbill Society UK
The Foreign Softbill Society is a newly formed society aimed at establishing Foreign Softbills in captivity in the UK through breeding schemes and species Co-Ordination involving private keepers and Zoos and Bird Gardens.

Frill Canary Club

a specialist Club formed to promote the keeping , breeding & exhibiting of Frill Canaries in a sound , ethical and healthy environment.

Foreign Bird Association
The aims of the FBA are to promote the keeping, breeding and exhibiting of all foreign birds, including domesticated species such as Bengalese and Zebra Finches.

Foreign Bird League
One of the FBLs objectives is to represent our interests to government, providing a larger voice than individual birdkeepers and societies would have.

International Ornithological Association
(Affiliated to the Confederation Ornithologique Mondiale)
The International Ornithological Association was formed in 1955 by the Roller canary fancy to enable them to contest their birds with their European neighbours.

Irish Fancy International

Java Sparrow Society UK
The Java Sparrow Society UK (JSSUK) website is designed to promote the society, the breeding and the development of the Java and Timor Sparrows in the UK and other areas of the world.

John Wrenne Forum

The John Wrenne forum for all : Native Birds - Siberian Finches Canaries.

Livingstone & district CBS


The Lizard Canary Association
The Lizard Canary Association is dedicated to the promotion and conservation of the oldest breed of canary: the Lizard canary.

The Lovebird (1990) Society
The Lovebird (1990) Society was formed as a result of one mans fruitless search for a specialist society for lovebird fanciers.

National Council for Aviculture

This organisation is the umbrella organisation for all cage bird enthusiasts catering for the British, Budgerigar, Canary and Foreign Bird Fancies and its prime objective is to promote the welfare, study, breeding, development and exhibition of birds within a managed environment.

National Bengalese Fancy Association
The NBFA is a UK based society focusing on the breeding, rearing and showing of Bengalese Finches.
North Staffs Foreign Bird Club
The Parrot Society UK
Parrots and parrot conservation care and breeding and The Parrot Society UK. Details on parakeets, conures, lovebirds, cockatoos, macaws and amazons.

Sandwell Avicultural Society

 Severn Counties foreign & British Bird Society

The society caters for all aspects of housing, feeding, general care, breeding and the showing of  British & Foreign Birds and are happy to offer help and advice in various ways.

The Waxbill Finch Society
The WFS aims to share information about proven breeding and feeding methods, encourage the breeding of Estrildid Finches, Waxbills, Munias, etc.

West Yorkshire Birdkeepers Society
The West Yorkshire Birdkeepers Society is open to anyone interested in keeping birds.

The Zebra Finch Society
The ZFS was formed in 1952, and is the oldest National Society devoted solely to promotion of the breeding, keeping and exhibition of Zebra Finches. The society website is packed full of information, advice and members profiles.

If your society is standing at the forthcoming Stafford Spring Bird Show and it is not currently visible on this page please send a request to the show organisers via email, detailing your society/club name, web address and a very brief sentence about the society and we will add your information just as soon as your boking is confirmed

© Shaun and Nessy Smith, Stafford Spring Show 2019

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